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Understanding Complex Systems

A one day conference bridging the gap between Engineering & Business Systems Research

27 September 2012


Systems theory is a trans-disciplinary research field, within which the applications research topics of systems dynamics and systems engineering are located. Systems dynamics aims to predict systems behaviour over time and is extensively utilized in the Business School, whilst systems engineering concepts are typically applied in the management and control of complex projects in the Engineering School.

All postgraduate researchers from the physical and social sciences are invited to participate in this FREE one-day conference by submitting papers and/or posters for presentation. All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings, and conference posters will be printed on behalf of participants without charge.

The conference will include plenary presentations from:

* Professor Mohammed Naim (Cardiff Business School) on Supply Chain Dynamics
* Dr Roger Grosvenor (Cardiff School of Engineering) on Systems Engineering

The conference committee welcomes abstracts from those at all stages of their postgraduate research, including those in the early stages whose research is still in the formative stages. This conference provides students an opportunity to gain experience of disseminating their research in a conference setting. Lunch and refreshments will be
provided throughout the day.

Important Dates

20st August 2012: Abstracts deadline
24th August 2012: Notification of paper/poster acceptance
17th September 2012: Full paper and poster deadline
21st September 2012: Registration Closes

To register your attendance, or to submit an abstract for this FREE conference please email


  LEGACY Understanding Complex Systems CALL FOR PAPERS (Welsh) (41.0 Kb, 263 downloads)