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Structure of the Programme

Our strategy at Cardiff University has been to develop a range of opportunities for you to develop both research skills and the wider personal and professional skills expected by the Research Councils and employers, both academic institutions and others.

We recognise that there is significant diversity in postgraduate research: diversity in research methods and approaches in and between disciplines; diversity in the initial preparation and experience of entering research; diversity in modes of attendance; and diversity in the research student community.  Therefore, our approach is student-centred and is needs-based:  your skills development should be appropriate to your needs and to the needs of your research project.

In order to assist with the aim of developing a strong supportive University research community, our aim is to provide skills training in the broadest possible context that is able to meet student needs.  This enables students to work in cross-discipline groupings that support the overall University research aims, without prejudice to the development of a strong School research culture.

We organise our formal skills development in three broad contexts: generic across subject areas, generic within subject area, and subject-specific.

It is essential to note that ‘delivery’ in all contexts includes the crucial role of the supervisor(s) in research training. Further, although there is a crucial role for formal training, many of the skills will be developed by the conduct of the research including defending and disseminating it.

Programme Brochure

Training and Development Programme Brochure