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2011-2012 Awards

Grants for activities in 2011-12 were awarded to:

Round 1 (closing date 13 January 2012)

Jennifer Lyttleton-Smith (SOCSI) and Helen Sivey (ENCAP): to organise an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference entitled ‘Young Sexualities’.

Christopher Higgins (SOCSI) and Robert Crich (EUROS): to organise workshops and a conference to encourage inter-disciplinarity between various groups who are utilising psychoanalytic theory within empirical research and socio-political analysis.

Ludivine Breger (PHRMY) and Ellen Murphy (BIOSI): to create an interdisciplinary network for postgraduate students doing research on, or related to, movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s Disease).

Geraint Whittaker (WELSH) and Mustafa Hameed (SHARE): to organise a forum on Multiculturalism in Wales.

Heather Crowley (SHARE) and Mark Truesdale (ENCAP): to organise a postgraduate symposium entitled ‘Medieval Identities’.

Francessca Dickson (EUROS) and Lindsay Powell-Jones (EUROS): to organise the ‘Transitions’ Conference.

*Jana Witt (MEDIC) and John McCrory (ENGIN): to organise two one-day interactive workshops ‘Dare to Share: Public Engagement in Science’.

*Rebecca Hemming (SOHCS) and Daniel Watling (ENGIN): to organise a one-day networking meeting ‘Clinical Outcomes and Developments in Imaging Techniques for the Biomechanical Assessment of Patients with Osteoarthritis’.

*Virginia Marques (CARBS) and Daniel Eyers (CARBS): to organise a one-day conference entitled ‘Understanding Complex Systems: bridging the gap between Engineering and Business Systems Research’.

*Xuezhi Liu (ENGIN) and Kenan Zhang (ARCHI): to set up a forum and organise a series of seminars to examine ‘Flexible Energy Delivery System’.

Round 2 (closing date 8 June 2012)

Helen McKenzie (ENCAP) and Simon Jenkins (SHARE): to organise a one day conference entitled ‘Transgression, Trespassing and Taboos in the Long-Nineteenth Century’.

Manon George (CLAWS) and Francesca Dickson (EUROP): to organise the ‘Law, Policy and Politics in Wales Conference’.

Anna Jensen (BIOSI) and Grainne Mcnamara (MEDIC): to organise an interdisciplinary conference on ‘Fertility, Pregnancy and Development’.

Will Webberley (COMSC) and Wil Chivers (SOCSI): to organise two interdisciplinary hack-weekends.

James Vafidis (BIOSI) and Panagiotis Tziogkidis (CARBS): to set up an interdisciplinary user group for the ‘R’ Statistical Software.

Victoria Silverwood (SOCSI) and Sophie Chambers (CLAWS): to organise an interdisciplinary postgraduate day ‘Theory and Method in Criminological Research’.

*Kate Walker (BIOSI) and Merryn Thomas (PSYCH): to organise the ‘Communicating Science Workshop – Why and How’.

*EPSRC funding was awarded.

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