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2012-2013 Awards

Grants for activities in 2012-13 were awarded to:

Round 1

Tim Forman (ARCHI) and Kyriakos Mouzatitis (ENGIN): to set up a forum about society, ecology, economy and sustainability entitled ‘The Future of the Built Environment’

Siriol McAvoy (ENCAP) and Lisa Sheppard (WELSH): to organise a symposium for postgraduate research entitled ‘Constructing Identities and Changing Spaces in Wales’

Tom Harman (ENCAP) and Hannah Pitt (CPLAN): to organise ‘Critical Ecologies: Theory, Culture and the Environment’

Rhiannon Pugh (CPLAN) and Helen Taylor (EUROP): to organise a conference entitled ‘Wales: doing things differently?’

Geraint Whittaker (WELSH) and Elise Rietveld (EUROP): to organise a distinguished lecture on Multiculturalism

Round 2

Sian Morgan and Elena Koudouna (OPTOM) and Nicole Scully (Medic): to organise a CITER Soc Interdisciplinary Engagement Outreach event entitled ‘Catching a Killer’

Dacia Leslie (SOCSI) and Feyikemi Akinwolemiwa (ARCHI): to organise an event entitled ‘Removing the Divide – Respecting and Understanding Cultures’

Holly Greenwood (CLAWS) and David Brewster (SOCSI): to organise ‘Re-imagining Society through a Socio-Legal Lens’ – A postgraduate conference

Sarah Gallimore (EUROP) and Manon George (CLAWS) – to organise a Gendered Research Opportunities Inaugural Post-Graduate Conference – ‘Invisibility’

Hiu M. Chan (JOMEC) and Alicia Stark (MUSIC): to organise a Jazz and Cinema Conference


Programme Brochure

Training and Development Programme Brochure