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Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Seminar Series

‘Ideological fantasy in creative work: the impossibility of employability and virtuosity’

Speaker: Casper Hoedemaekers, Cardiff Business School

Wednesday 16th May 2012, 14:00 – 16:00, Glamorgan Building Room 0.85

This seminar will explore some aspects of the subjectivities of those working in so-called creative industries. Specifically, I will look at free-lance musicians and explore their accounts of looking for opportunities for paid work, interacting with their peers, relating to audiences and operating within the general field of cultural production. Drawing on the notion of ideological fantasy, I will analyse material drawn from face-to-face interviews and participant observation. I argue that musicians’ subject positions are implicated in two fantasmatic logics. Firstly, they are subject to a logic of employability, which represents the introjected desire to embody what ‘the market’ wants of a musician. Secondly, they are subject to a logic of social virtuosity, which represents a desire to embody fluency within the social fabric of their overlapping work/life networks. Both logics are simultaneously undercut by destabilising counter-logics. This seminar will seek to extend the debate on precarious forms of work in the creative industries and the psychological reproduction of exploitative working conditions and structural underpayment of creative workers.

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Symposium on the Unconscious

Cardiff University, Glamorgan Building, Room 0.85
Tuesday 29th May 2012 9.30 – 17.00



This public symposium is specifically concerned with how Freud’s theoretical subversion, whose central tenet is the subject’s predominantly unconscious nature, has been variously understood, theorised and operationalized for the purposes of critical and empirical analysis. Of particular interest is the question of how to conceptualise the relationship between the unconscious, political subjectivity and affect – a question that informs the work of all the psychoanalytically informed speakers at this event.



Professor Valerie Walkerdine (SOCSI, Cardiff University): ‘Post-Lacanian thinking and social research: history, geography, past and future’
Dr Derek Hook (Birkbeck College, University of London) and Calum Neill: ‘‘The logic of fantasy: Comments on Lacan’s Seminar XIV’
Dr Fabio Vighi (EUROP, Cardiff University):‘I think where I am not: the unconscious in theory and practice’
Roundtable panel discussion: The unconscious and socio-political transformation



The symposium will be held in Room 0.85 of Glamorgan building, Cardiff University. This building is located in King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 3WA.



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There are a limited number of rooms available in Senghennyydd Court and Talybont North on the University campus. For bookings, please contact:
Tel: 029 2087 4849



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