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Dare to Share: Public Engagement in Science (a workshop for postgraduates)

The ‘Dare to Share’ workshop is designed to give postgraduates an opportunity to learn about public engagement from expert speakers and to then try their own hand at creating exciting initiatives to engage the public.

The workshop is split in to two days, the first focuses on direct public engagement and the second on engagement through different types of media. Each day will start off with presentations, discussions and demonstrations from experts involved in public engagement, followed by an afternoon workshop that will give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned by creating their very own public engagement materials and initiatives.

Confirmed speakers include Dr Jamie Lewis (Cardiff University Public Engagement), Sian Ashton (SeeScience), Bruce Etherington (Beacon for Wales, Cardiff University Public Engagement) and Malcolm Love (SplendidThing, Media consultant).

Part I – Direct engagement:

This part will focus on engaging the public directly, giving you examples from past and current initiatives, such as BenchtoBrain, Bright Club and the Stem ambassador scheme, including ones that you will be able to get involved in if you wish. You will also get a chance to create your own activity. By the end of this workshop you will be aware of different means of engaging the public directly and will have started planning your own engagement activity, which you will have the opportunity to show off at either the up and coming science festival or Bright Club comedy night – if you dare!

Part II – Engagement through media:

This part will focus on engaging the public through media such as TV, radio and the internet, giving you the opportunity to practice how you handle the media and how you could use different media to promote your science. And of course you will get a chance to create your own materials as well. By the end of this workshop you will be more confident when dealing with the media and will have the opportunity to upload your video or podcast creations to the Cardiff University public engagement YouTube channel!
Dates and details

Both workshops will run from 9:15am to 5pm and tea, coffee as well as lunch will be provided. They will be located in the Cardiff University Graduate Centre, Room 3.19.

Part I – Direct engagement: Thursday 31st of May 2012
Part II – Engagement through media: Thursday 5th of July 2012

Only 20 places available each day! To reserve your place please email