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Assuring a Quality Experience

Cardiff University’s ‘quality system’ has the purpose of maintaining the standards of the research degrees we award, and of enhancing the quality of the postgraduate research education we offer. It supports our aim of encouraging our postgraduate researchers to achieve their research potential and to submit a completed thesis for examination by the end of their registration.

As part of this, Cardiff University recognises the vital contribution that the views of postgraduate researchers make to the enhancement of their educational environment and experience. Specifically, we recognise the importance of capturing, responding to and acting on ‘the Student Voice’, and of developing the role which postgraduate research students can play in contributing to decision-making.

Postgraduate research students provide feedback on the quality of their experience in a variety of ways. At University-level, these include the annual Welcome to Cardiff survey, and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) -  a UK-wide survey designed to help universities enhance the quality of their postgraduate research degree provision.  Postgraduate researchers are also involved locally, as all Schools have a system of postgraduate representation.

Cardiff University recognises that a research degree programme is a partnership in which the research student, their supervisors and the School each has duties and responsibilities. These are described in our Code of Practice for Research Degrees. The Code is a key document in assuring the quality of our postgraduate research education by setting out the standards by which research students are supervised, monitored and supported in pursuit of their research goals. Implementation and further development of the Code is supported by the University Graduate College in its co-ordination of supervisor training and information, and in its sharing of best practice. The Code of Practice for Research Degrees supports the University’s academic Senate Regulations for research