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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for ‘Removing the Divide’ Conference – Deadline 28 March

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for Postgraduate Research Conference:

‘Removing the Divide: Respecting and Understanding Cultures’ – 20 June 2014

Keynote Speakers:

We welcome abstracts for the forthcoming interdisciplinary conference entitled ‘Removing the Divide: Respecting and Understanding Cultures’. The purpose of the conference is to bring together postgraduate scholars undertaking research on varying aspects of culture within the Commonwealth. Despite complex and varying developments across a vast range of nation-states, the Commonwealth still provides a unifying bond linking together a fairly disparate set of countries. Through the exploration and dissemination of research transgressing singular disciplinary boundaries, the aim is to learn from varying disciplinary approaches and to break out of a Western ethnocentric approach to avoid pitfalls of both ‘orientalism’ and ‘occidentalism’. As such, there is a focus on the commonalities and specificities of responding to contemporary challenges facing Commonwealth countries.

For more information on submitting an abstract please visit the conference website.

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