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Welcome from the Dean

The University Graduate College is here to support the University’s commitment to the highest level of quality and relevance in postgraduate research programmes; to promote excellent supervision, monitoring and support; to increase opportunities for postgraduate research; and to provide an environment that nurtures intellectual and professional growth, in which our postgraduate researchers can thrive.

Building on previous structures, the University Graduate College was launched in January 2011 to create a more integrated approach to postgraduate research support and to increase opportunities for involvement of its members.

All of Cardiff’s postgraduate research students and their supervisors are members of the University Graduate College and are strongly encouraged to contribute to its development. Our governance and organisational structures are designed to enable this participation and ensure linkages with academic Schools and the three Colleges.

A Board – with representation from Heads of Schools, Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies, and postgraduate researchers – provides the lead for the University Graduate College and monitors our strategy and implementation plan.

The University Graduate College has four interlinked functions: training and developing researchers; enhancing the quality of the experience; building capacities for research; and providing world class facilities. Each of these functions are addressed by a Programme Team, memberships of which includes School Directors of Postgraduate Research Studies and research . It is in these Programme Teams that work plans and projects are monitored.

We also support a Postgraduate Representatives Forum, which meets twice a year to receive reports from and provide feedback to the student representatives on Programme Teams and the Board, as well as from the Dean, Deputy Dean and other relevant staff. These face to face meetings are supplemented by regular communication, such as newsletters and social media.

Our University Graduate College creates a clear focal point for the research experience at Cardiff University. Current students benefit from enhanced career development support and an integrated approach to research and professional skills training, with increased emphasis on meeting the needs of part-time, distance, and international researchers, while their supervisors will benefit from enhanced support and more effective systems to support management of research degrees. All benefit from the academic-led enhancement of the research environment.

We look forward to your participation in this venture.

Prof Terry Marsden
Dean of the University Graduate College

Prof Ken Wann
Deputy Dean of the University Graduate College