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Key Areas (Training, Facilities, Quality, Capacities)

The University Graduate College’s mission is to enhance the experience of postgraduate research students at the University. We do this by focusing on the following four interlinked key programme areas:

Training and Development

Our extensive training and development programme aims to help students perfect the skills needed to be an effective and successful researcher, and improve rates of employability following completion of postgraduate studies. This includes a range of courses which can be completed online.


The University offers a number of facilities for postgraduate researchers – including libraries, laboratories, information services and work space. The University Graduate College works to ensure that these facilities are appropriate for the needs of researchers. The new Hadyn Ellis Building provides a purpose built environment for the University Graduate College Programme, as well as allocated desk space for researchers. The University Graduate College also has oversight of the Graduate Centre, which provides dedicated social and student space.

Assuring a Quality Experience

We are committed to assuring the quality of research degrees. We do this by ensuring our postgraduate education adheres to a strict code of practice, and that students are able to voice their opinions in a variety of ways, including regular ‘student voice’ surveys and membership of our decision-making structure.

Building Capacities

We are committed to building capacity to provide research degrees. We do this by optimising funding opportunities, both internal and external, that allow us to build postgraduate research training.