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Business and Management

Co-ordinating Lecturer(s)

The courses offered in the Business and Management Studies section will enhance your Employability and Skills. You can strengthen your position in the jobs and opportunities market with a strong cv. Find those essential skills which employers ask for: Project Management means you can be confident that you have checked all aspects of each major task; Managing Finance – Interpreting Accounts add essential skills to your portfolio.  There is a range of Marketing courses offered over the whole academic session.

The new Managing People II course has an interesting blended learning associated course – all details will be on the website, so go to

Students should take a look at the new Pathways offered as part of the Business and Management section. If you are ready for an exciting challenge then the Pathway will be of interest to you – don’t forget to join the email list to keep up to date with all the information.

When you achieve 60 credits from courses offered in the Business and Management Studies section you are eligible for a Foundation certificate. There are also Joint Foundation Certificates available. For further information contact Jan Stephens at

All of the courses are very popular and you should pre-enrol to secure your place.

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Business and Management Courses

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