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Calls for Papers and Future issues

JOMEC Journal publishes themed, open and ‘rapid response’ issues.  We welcome proposals, full articles and informal enquiries. We also welcome enquiries and applications from anyone wishing to guest-edit a themed issue. Please contact Paul Bowman for discussion.

Call for Papers

The Meaning of Migration

JOMEC Journal invites the submission of abstracts on the topic of migration, for a free one-day conference to be held during Easter recess 2014, with a view to publishing a selection of papers in a special issue of the journal in winter 2014.

The deadline for abstracts is Monday 2nd December 2013.

The conference seeks to bring together original scholarship exploring the meaning of migration from a variety of theoretical perspectives and/or methodological approaches. Research may be theoretically or empirically driven or both, and work traversing disciplinary boundaries is especially welcomed.

A topic central to political agendas, featuring daily in national and global news headlines and positioned as of considerable consequence to publics within and across nation states around the world – liberal democratic and otherwise – the meaning, or social, cultural and political significance of migration has become of immense importance to scholars across a range of disciplinary fields.

Papers are invited which explore the meaning of migration through any of the suggested themes below, or, any other aspect of migration:

  • Dominant or alternative media or political discourses on migration
  • Migration and neoliberalism or globalisation
  • Migration and questions of citizenship or belonging
  • Migration and cultural or legal norms
  • International convergence, or sharing of migration policy regimes
  • Securitisation, disciplinary techniques, surveillance technologies or border controls
  • Migrant testimonies and/or hidden or untold migration stories (e.g., of detention or deportation);
  • Relationships between human rights and immigration systems or policies
  • Analyses of particular forms of migration in relation to any of the above themes (e.g., labour migration, family migration, student visas, asylum seeking and refugees, human trafficking, other forms of forced migration, internal displacement, emigration).

Abstracts and any other enquiries should be directed to Kerry Moore.

The deadline for abstracts is Monday 2nd December 2013.

Parochialism and Transnationalism: Cross-Border Translations

Some cultural and political issues stay local while others become more global. Some events, movements, fashions and figures become symbols and points of identification across borders, while others remain known only in precise geographical contexts. This issue of JOMEC, Parochialism and Transnationalism: Cross-Border Translations, asks: What factors influence the translation of cultural and political issues across linguistic, legal, cultural, technological and national borders? It invites contributions which engage this theme from theoretical and empirical perspectives, from any area of journalism, media or cultural studies, and from any of the many possible lines of approach to such a problematic, whether organised by translation, politics, legal studies, technology, geography, sociology, history, philosophy or cultural theory.

Submission guidelines:

  • Abstracts: 100-500 words
  • Deadline for abstracts: TBC 2012
  • Contributor details: 100-200 words (position, institution, publications, etc.)
  • Deadline for first draft submissions: 29th September 2012
  • Article Length: 6,000 words
  • Journal Referencing Style: Harvard

Contact: Paul Bowman:

Special Issue - Martial Arts Studies

The editors of the recent collection of essays, Martial Arts as Embodied Knowledge (SUNY, 2012), propose that there is an emergent academic field that they call martial arts studies. Martial Arts Studies, they propose, is distinct from traditional histories, sociologies and anthropological studies of martial arts, even though it involves these areas. This is not least because of the complexity of the contemporary media saturated world, in which images, discourses, knowledges and practices circulate transnationally.

This special themed issue of JOMEC Journal proposes that the field of martial arts studies must necessarily involve the study of film, media and global movements in popular culture, as much as the movements of history, peoples, and communities in terms of regional, national and ethnic cultures and practices.

The editor invites contributions from academics, researchers and practitioners which seek to advance the field of martial arts studies. Approaches from any disciplinary background will be considered, but preference will be given to works which engage with problematics in the fields of media and cultural studies.

Submission guidelines:

  • Abstracts: 100-500 words
  • Deadline for abstracts: December 1st 2012
  • Contributor details: 100-200 words (position, institution, publications, etc.)
  • Article Length: 6,000 words
  • Journal Referencing Style: Harvard

Issue Editor: Paul Bowman:

Forthcoming issues

  • Cultural Studies in France
  • Cultural Translation and East Asia
Future issue themes:
  • Migration
  • PR and News
  • Comparative journalism
  • Journalism, affect and emotions
  • New media technologies