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Principal aims of the course

The overall aim is to allow students to deepen their understanding of political communication in national and international contexts and, where relevant, their skills in this field. More specific aims include:

  • Exploring the political content of the mass media;
  • Deepen students’ academic and practical understanding of the actors and agencies involved in the production of political news and information;
  • Examine the impact of media coverage of politics on audiences;
  • Explore the interaction between media systems and political systems including government media policy, censorship, regulation and ownership;
  • Equip students with the research and study skills necessary to carry out project-based professional and academic research;
  • Enhance students’ academic skills and knowledge in preparation for further academic study.
  • Develop basic skills in political communications practice.

Students taking this course will increase their ability to undertake rigorous analytical work, be capable of producing well researched essays, assignments and dissertations to deadline, and will have refined and improved their practical political communications skills.