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Please read the information below before selecting the version of FAME you wish to use.

Provides financial information about UK public and private companies. Searches can be made by company name or by criteria such as location, turnover size and number of employees. Company information includes:

  • trade description
  • directors' names
  • subsidiaries
  • company accounts

There are three methods of access to the FAME database:

1. FAME web version
The web version of FAME has data on approximately 2.7 million UK companies. Please note that the web version may be slower than the DVD version.

2. FAME Networked DVD version
The networked DVD version has the same coverage of companies as the web version. This version is faster to use although it is less up to date than the web version.

3. Off campus use of FAME
To access FAME off-campus, your Cardiff University network username and password will be required.


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