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Bute Park in snow

There is growing consensus that inappropriate valuation of the world's ecosystem services has lead to widespread errors in environmental management with associated social disbenefits. Projected climate and land use changes are likely to further increase pressures on our natural resources and on the people who depend on them for their livelihood or their well-being. Thriving towards a more sustainable use of natural resources will however require a better understanding of the dynamic links between earth, ecosystems and people. 

Cross School Research seeks to bring together Cardiff University researchers to present their work or ideas on 

"Earth, Ecosystems and People“

Thursday 31 May 2012

9am – 2pm (lunch included)
Conference room ground floor Biosciences Building

The workshop will be introduced by Prof. Hywel Thomas, and theme discussions will be facilitated by Prof. Susan Baker (Social Sciences), Prof. Mike Bruford (Biosciences) and Prof. Ian Hall (Earth Sciences). Participants will be given the opportunity to advertise their research or ideas for collaborations in 5 minute presentations (max 2-3 slides).

So come and join us! There are already many ideas crystallising around themes like restoration of Welsh Valley ecosystem services, relationships between coastal communities and costal ecosystems, and others. 

Participating to this event requires little investment but is a great opportunity to facilitate access to the right collaborations and funding, so send your title to Eli Lazarus before the 29th May 2012

Photographs © Nat Slow