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Can interdisciplinary work enhance your research?

Current research funding in the UK and in Europe is increasingly moving towards more integrated approaches to solving the real world issues our planet is facing.

Recent research (e.g. Gibbons et al 2008, Ecological Management and Restoration, Petts et al 2006, Geoforum) has shown that effective interdisciplinary research is enhanced through:

  • high levels of communication between researchers from different disciplines, e.g. through meetings, seminars, conferences
  • high levels of participation of early career researchers, e.g. post graduates and post-docs
  • a unifying focus of research with a strong problem solving component, e.g. climate change, sustainability

The objective of Cross School Research is to thus to provide a meeting platform aimed at researchers who feel that their research would benefit from working at the interface between disciplines. Events, such as workshops, will provide an opportunity for early career researchers to present their work while also offering the opportunity for more established researchers to communicate and pursue further cross-school collaborations.

We hope this venture, initiated by the Sustainable Places Research Institute and funded by the Graduate School, will offer key potential to open up collaborative and funding opportunities for early career researchers while providing a lasting platform where researchers from different disciplines can meet.


Photographs © Nat Slow