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Participants to the Workshop held on the 25th of November 2011 gave short presentations on the theme : "How does your research contribute to addressing climate change issues?". 


Presentations can be accessed by clicking on the titles



Presentation list

First Workshop   
Prof. Graham Hutchings (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research)
“The Importance of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in a research University”
Dr. Havard Prosser (Senior Honorary Fellow, Sustainable Places Research Institute)
“Interdisciplinarity in Climate Change Research”
Working Group I: Climate Change – The Physical Science Basis
Frank Trombley SHARE Medieval evidence for the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO): Nile flood data and other synchronisms
Paola Moffa Sanchez EARTH Ocean changes in the North Atlantic and its impact on climate variability
Martin ZieglerEARTHAn interdisciplinary perspective on the Agulhas Current and its importance in global climate change
Sam BradleyEARTHIce sheets: The difference between what we know & how they work
Sindia SosdianEARTHClimate Sensitivity and Lessons from the Past
Matt DrayBIOSIAlterations in leaf chemistry by increasing concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide
Merryn ThomasPSYCHUnderstanding Sea-level Change on the Severn Estuary
Working Group II Session: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
Arthur Getz Escudero  CPLAN How will African cities feed themselves
Ellie Sherrard-SmithBIOSI Effects of weather on invasive parasites
Abid Mehmood SPRIClimate change, adaptation, governance
Don A'Bear BIOSI Climate change and fungus-invertebrate interactions
Adam Seward BIOSI Impacts of climate change on long-distance migratory songbirds
Renata MedeirosBIOSIThe smallest Atlantic seabird as a sensitive bio-indicator of climate-driven changes in marine 
Rob Thomas BIOSI A global approach to understanding the impacts of climate change on migratory birds 
Prof. Helen WalkerCARBSSustainable Supply Chain Management
Working Group III: Mitigation of Climate Change
Nick HackingARCHICan socio-technical change be managed?  
Gabriela ZapataARCHISituated learning in the context of low carbon building delivery
David SellickCHEMUsing catalysis to improve the gas mileage of an internal combustion engine whilst lowering emissions
Christine SuffolkPSYCHRebound and spillover effects: Occupant behaviour after energy efficiency 
Jessica PaddockC3WClass Food Culture: Exploring 'Alternative' Food Consumption
Claire BloomfieldCPLAN(No) Appetite for Change: Hospital Food and Sustainable Development

Photographs © Nat Slow