The Cardiff Award- First Impressions by Andy Love

November 2nd, 2012 by

Today’s post is a guest post from Cardiff Award student Andy Love. This is Andy’s first impressions of the Cardiff Award.

The Cardiff Award so far…

After what it seemed like a long wait, the Cardiff Award was finally starting. We were briefed about our first compulsory activity – an introduction to the Award and what it planned to achieve. My first imminent worry was the dress code. As I prefer to dress casually I asked Kathryn Foot what we were supposed to wear, and I was surprised when she said that a nice t-shirt and jeans would be okay (“smart-casual”, this was great as it made me feel more relaxed). Upon arrival, the Award Staff were quite prepared, with paperwork ready for those who forgot their forms!   We also were given a nice goody-bag with pens,a water bottle for Dwr Cymru,  a nice notebook, some sponsor leaflets telling us about graduate jobs and lemon sweets by Ernst & Young!

We were then guided on all the procedures relating to the Award which assisted my anxiety on how the whole process would work.  There were previous Award students presenting offering advice, some nice words from Ernst & Young, and then an opportunity to meet the many of the sponsors afterwards.

“The following day, I had my first Student Development Skills session. The SDS classes are meant to help students develop professional skills during their studies. Some are compulsory through the award, and some are not but will get you new certifications in different areas after they are all completed.. The time flew by and we had fun during training! There were some exercises that allowed me to notice how people can solve the same problem in different ways, which I know will be helpful for all kinds of situations.   During one of our conversations, the group of people I was working with mentioned that just like me – they had decided to go for all other certifications as well.

Overall it doesn’t seem like the Award will be particularly difficult, but at the same time it will probably take time and practice. I am dreading the numeracy test, as I have always struggled with numbers, I’ll let you know how I get on!