Why is employability a word that just won’t go away?

The answer is obvious – at some point, university and the lifestyle that goes with it is going to end. You’re going to enter the big, wide world of work and when that happens, you want to be prepared, ready for action and able to get the best job that you can.

So what is employability?

There are loads of definitions, but the most simple is: “Having the right skills and experience to get the job you want”.

Or you could put it into an equation:

E = s + x + r✔ul8

Employability = skills + experience + the ability to articulate it.

The bottom line is that by the end of your degree you will both need and want to move onto something else. Your degree will have taught you so much and given you confidence in your abilities – transferring this into the workplace is what makes it all worthwhile.

Employability & Extra-Curricular Activities

The links below will take you to a range of Cardiff University programmes that will help significantly with your employability development. Have a look, see what you think and take advantage of everything university life has to offer.

Career Central will also be an invaluable resource to you for understanding and articulating your employability. Login using your Cardiff University username and password to take advantage of the large range of material available.