This is the word that is tripping off the tongue of employers, students and academics alike. Everyone is using the word, but not everyone is entirely sure why they’re using it. At Careers & Employability we are smiling smugly – this is what we’ve been talking about for years. Fortunately for us, we are now being given the platform to talk about the things that make us tick!

So what is employability? The Cardiff University Employability and Enterprise Strategy defines it as:

“A set of skills, knowledge and personal attributes that make an individual more likely to secure and be successful in their chosen occupations to the benefit of themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy”

From a staff point of view, it is about getting graduates into the jobs or postgraduate positions they want and ensuring that this is reflected in the DLHE statistics.

It is also about being aware of the skills that employers want from graduates and ensuring that the development of these skills is made explicit throughout your students’ academic career.

Cardiff University’s Employability and Enterprise Skills Strategy outlines the University’s vision for employability for the next few years.

This section of our website aims to give you a whistle stop tour through the practical implementation of the strategy and to provide you with details of employability activities that take place both in your academic school and throughout the University.

Employability & Enterprise Skills Strategy 2012 – 2015

This strategy outlines the national context of the strategy and highlights the operational plan for the University to fulfil the aims of the strategy.

You can also find information about the Cardiff University Graduate Employability & Enterprise Skills Board here.

Using Career Central with Students

Career Central is an online careers resource, jam-packed with information, advice and guidance to help students with their career related decisions and activities throughout University.

It houses all our Careers & Employability resources from CV booklets to our subject specific Getting Started leaflets. Staff and students need to login with their Cardiff username and password.

This summer we have written several sessions that personal tutors can use with their students. We are working with selected personal tutors across the Schools to trial these sessions this academic year. We would be delighted if other personal tutors want to use them too. If you want to talk to a member of the Careers Team about how to use this resource with your students, please contact us. We can arrange to meet you in person or alternatively, to meet a group of several interested tutors together. As a starting point, please download:

Using Career Central with Students – a guide for personal tutors.
Welsh guide for personal tutors

If you have any queries, please contact the Career Consultant/Adviser who looks after your students:


The links below will take you to a range of Cardiff University programmes that you can point students to if they want to further develop their employability skills: