Recruitment Agencies

Careers & Employability prefer to work directly with employers wherever possible, however we are aware that some organisations do outsource their recruitment and that Agencies have a role in targeting students and graduates for these opportunities and providing access to employment. With this in mind we offer a range of services as outlined here:

Vacancy Advertising

We welcome vacancy posts from recruitment agencies and posting is free of charge.  All postings must list your client’s company name and be displayed to all users (the Yes radio button in the pic below must be selected) – postings failing to comply with this condition will be rejected/deleted without notice.

If you have any problems registering and/or placing your vacancy, please contact us at 029 2087 6790. Please note that we do not enter vacancies on your behalf.

Careers and Employer Events

Careers Fairs and Employer Events offer a great range of opportunities to target students across all degree disciplines, however the following conditions apply:-

  • Exhibition space at Careers Fairs is available at the Careers & Employability’s discretion.
  • Recruitment Agencies may book stands on behalf of clients but must disclose the clients name from the outset.
  • There are limited opportunities for Recruitment Agencies to attend Careers Fairs to promote themselves, should you wish to exhibit please contact us to discuss your requirements further.
  • Recruitment Agencies are permitted to book Presentations, Recruiting Visits Skills Sessions and Drop-ins on behalf of clients but must disclose the clients name from the outset. These Events are not available to Recruitment Agencies wishing to promote their own services.


Sponsorship offers an alternative means of targeting students across all degree disciplines and raising organisations profile at the University.  Recruitment Agencies can sponsor our events and publications on behalf of clients but must disclose the client’s name from the outset. Sponsorship opportunities are not available to Recruitment Agencies wishing to promote their own services.

Managing the Expectations of Recruitment Agencies and Careers & Employability

Careers & Employability’s Expectations of Recruitment Agencies:-

  • That any information provided relating to vacancies/placements is accurate.
  • That any events or activities organised at the University but not directly through Careers & Employability will be brought to Careers & Employability’s attention as soon as possible.
  • That notifications of any alterations to bookings, vacancy information or any other arrangements is given to Careers & Employability in good time and as early as possible.
  • A commitment to all bookings/arrangements agreed with Careers & Employability.
  • Full compliance with and a commitment to UK legislation relating to recruitment practices, including Equal Opportunities and Employment Law.
  • To accept that Careers & Employability reserves the right to be selective and accepts no responsibility for the information or actions of the Agency.

What Recruitment Agencies Can Expect From Careers & Employability:-

  • A prompt and efficient service from the Employer Liaison & Marketing Team.
  • Help and advice on advertising vacancies.
  • An opportunity to discuss how best to utilise Cardiff’s events and services to meet clients’ needs.
  • Help in booking careers and employer events.
  • The opportunity to build and enhance links with Careers & Employability.