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You said, We did….

More Careers input to first years requested (around February)

Action - Targeted plasma screen messages, blog messages for first years and University Notice Board entries will all be used to promote first year awareness of Careers & Employability. A dedicated 1st year section already exists on the web page and on Careers Central, so the main thrust will be to raise awareness amongst 1st year students and encourage them to use the materials targeted at them.
Action - The Cardiff Award will, in future, have a February start date as well as a September one which will encourage more first years to enrol.

More Careers publicity through the Schools

Endorsement by tutors was recognised as crucially important in raising awareness of Careers & Employability and in encouraging students to attend.

Action - A handbook on ‘Using Career Central with Students – A Guide for Personal Tutors’ has been produced which outlines sessions suitable for personal tutors to deliver in all 3 years of an undergraduate course. Career Consultants will be running introductory sessions for personal tutors in Schools this Autumn to introduce them to the materials and support/events available.
Action - A team of Student Reps have been recruited to help publicise careers & employability across the University and are working in Schools to help spread the word on the careers support and events taking place.

Unawareness of location and role of Careers & Employability

Action - A new prominent banner has been produced for Careers & Employability which is currently displayed outside 50 Park Place. The development of the Student High Street and associated publicity will also improve our visibility. Action Careers Marketing currently designing a plasma screen campaign to show students what sort of issues we can help them with.

Help requested in getting short periods of work experience

Action - New Internship Manager and Classroom Experience Officer will concentrate on increasing the number of work tasters and placements available to students. Alumni Project (see below) will also help with this. HISAR and BIOSI have recently appointed Work Experience Placement staff who will be working closely with Careers & Employability to increase the number of placements in these Schools.

Alumni should be used for Work Experience contacts

Action - Newly appointed Alumni Project Officer to address this request.

Dress Code and Etiquette for Interviews – Advice needed!

Action -  Two employers have been approached with a view to delivering a workshop on this topic in the Autumn. A dress code for interviews has now been included in the Interview workshop and Career Central also has information on this topic. Retailers have also had small showcases at our Summer Fair and Law Fair.