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BioConnect Seminar Series 2013-14

Seminars to take place in Room C/0.13, Sir Martin Evans Building at 1.10pm on alternate Tuesdays 
unless otherwise stated.  Buffet lunch will be provided for most talks at 12.30pm in the new BIOSI 
Foyer, Sir Martin Evans Building.


18th September 2013 - Room E/1.03, Sir Martin Evans Building

"Getting to grips with being a personal tutor" by Beatrix Fahnert, Steve Rutherford and Louise Woodgate


2nd October 2013

"Feedback and Assessment" by Glen Sweeney & Tim Higgins


16th October 2013

"Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP) & strategic insight programme (SIP) - not just for engineers 
....Come and discover the collaborative opportunities available for biomedical scientists" by Sarah 
Hughes, Research Innovation & Enterprise Services, Cardiff University

Sarah Hughes Talk [21.0 Kb]


26th February 2014 - 12.30pm, Room E/1.03, Sir Martin Evans Building

"Open Access requirements: what it means for you" by Miss Sonja Haerkoenen, Open Access Liaison


5th March 2014 - 12.30pm, Room E/1.03, Sir Martin Evans Building

Gene optimisation and synthesis for higher protein yields and TALs for precise genome engineering by Thermo Fisher Scientific


Details on more speakers and titles to follow.