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Professor John Aggleton FRS

Professor John Aggleton FRS, BA MA Cantab, DPhil Oxon, Cardiff School of Psychology

Professor John Aggleton

Professor John Aggleton is a neuroscientist who has made major contributions to our knowledge of the neural basis of memory.

He has developed influential theories that have led to fundamental changes in the ways other scientists think about the brain systems supporting how individuals remember the past events in their lives (the episodic and recognition memory systems).

Professor John Aggleton’s research has revealed the roles of other brain structures to create a far more comprehensive picture of how different types of memory are formed and recalled.

He is currently investigating exactly how the structures he has indentified, in the diencephalon and medial temporal lobe, work together to ensure memory function.

Of his election to the Royal Society, Professor Aggleton said: “Research is a team business and everyone who has worked with me, whether for years or just a few weeks over a summer, has played a part in building the overall picture.

“The questions I’m trying to solve are old ones, but remain incredibly important. It is wonderful to have my research recognised in this way.”

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